Living Well in London – Pulp and Press

Do you feel like you need a kick start to get this whole wellness thing going?  I do! Luckily we have London based cold pressed juice company, Pulp and Press to help us do just that.  I interviewed Christian Vemb, owner and founder about his exciting business journey from juicing Continue Reading →

Living Well in London – The Rep Room

Reproom owners using exercise ropes in their workout in London ontario

Jessie Bicks is the owner of The Rep Room London.  Jessie’s story began in a place of despair that led to a spiritual awakening and eventually, through sheer determination, to one of transformation and positivity.  Her business journey is an equally incredible one that has seen rapid development, from personal Continue Reading →

Living Well in London – Revkor

fitness class revkor fitness studio london ontario

The New Year inspires many of us to have good intentions for a healthier lifestyle and improved fitness.  London, Ontario offers a great selection of fitness studios, personal trainers, wellness centres, coaches, nutritionists and food providers.  This month on the blog is all about “Living Well in London” and offering Continue Reading →