Business in Focus – Wooly Maple, London, Ontario

Wooly Maple Apparel shop at Western Fair Market, London Ontario

This will be my first Winter in Canada – heeeellllp meeeee!  I’ve been stocking up on anything I can find to keep warm including a black balaclava my mum sent from the UK.  No, I don’t care if I look like a burglar.  I was feeling the urge to add Continue Reading →

Business in Focus – zen’Za Pizzeria, London, Ontario

best pizza in London at zen'Za pizzeria

zen’Za opened their doors in September 2016 taking over the Renaissance building ground floor pizzeria from Rico’s.  With a new clean eating take on comfort food and a determination to generate “world peace through pizza”, the dynamic owners, Wayne and Jocelyn, have taken London by storm and were quickly number Continue Reading →