Community in Focus – Socially Conscious Gift Giving with Growing Chefs!

London, Ontario is an easy place to be socially conscious this Holiday Season.  So if you’re thinking about trying to be a little less consumer and a little more conscious this Christmas here are my top tips to get you started.  Plus there’s a special profile of London based charity, Continue Reading →

Community in Focus – We Are Building Better

secret path gord downie

Building Better is a brand new, not for profit organisation based in London, committed to advocating and implementing sustainable building solutions. Their newest initiative, the “Chippewa Sustainable Living Project”, partners with Chief Myeengun and aims to implement a sustainable and cultural site on reserve land.

Community in Focus – Forest City Film Festival

Forest City Film Festival, brochure and tickets, london ontario

In October I was excited and impressed to discover that the Forest City had its very own Film Festival and that every single film had a regional connection. Buying local is my MO so I headed over to the Wolf Performance Hall, chatted to the knowledgable and enthusiastic ticket sales Continue Reading →

Community in Focus -London Community Woodshop, London, Ontario

Handmade charcuterie board with locally sourced bread, cheese, tomatoes, apples from London Community Woodshop

One weekend in July, 2017 my husband and I headed down to the opening of the London Community Woodshop.  He loves making things but apartment living, one hammer and a screwdriver don’t really cut it (excuse the pun) so he was excited to discover a space that had tools, equipment Continue Reading →

Community in Focus – Forest City Cookbook

Photographer and assistant set up shots at photo shoot for Forest City Cookbook

Like myself, Alieska Robles moved to London, Ontario because of her husband’s job, knowing no one and completely unfamiliar with the area.  I caught up with Alieska mid photo-shoot for the Forest City Cookbook where we empathised with each other’s near identical “moving to London” stories and agreed that we Continue Reading →