Small Business Consultancy

I provide business consultancy services to small businesses in London, Ontario and the surrounding area.  My business consultancy services include developing business strategy, writing business plans, business mentoring and copywriting.

I am energetic, dynamic and confident.  I’m a good listener, supportive and encouraging but can also be challenging in my questioning and direct in my approach.

What are the benefits of hiring a strategic business consultant?
  • Set goals and provide direction and clarity
  • Provide new ideas and a fresh perspective
  • Encourage and instil confidence
  • Provide a sounding board for your ideas or frustrations

Strategic Business Consultancy Services

Writing and developing business plans

Not sure how to write a business plan?  Meeting with potential investors or your bank manager? Or maybe you just want to get something on paper to help you keep on track.  I can help!  Business plans are my bag.  I’ve written too many plans, proposals and presentations to count and always had great feedback about the quality of my work.

So I can either write your business plan for you or provide guidance and feedback on a plan written by you to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Business strategy and planning

Need some help developing and clarifying your business strategy?  Do you want to grow or expand your business? Do you need ideas, encouragement and guidance?  Are you looking for ways to improve your profitability?

I have a strategic background and have experience developing short, medium and long term strategy for all of the above. I can help you identify what you’re trying to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.

Business Mentoring

Are you self employed or a small business owner, having moments of self doubt and despair? You’re not alone!  I understand the ups and downs of running your own business.  I can provide business guidance, a sounding board, advice based on 20 years business experience and a friendly supportive ear without judgement.


I can provide copywriting services for magazine, blogs, brochures, websites, marketing promotions. Tell me about the subject and I will write it up according to the number of words you need.  Alternatively I work on a contract basis for articles and blog posts that require more in depth research.

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs! 

My rates are reasonable and I price on a case by case basis. Consultation is free and there is no obligation. Email

My Business Background

I have a diverse skill set, management and director level experience in a variety of different types of business.  I have a degree in Business Management and a Masters degree in Customer Service Management.

Multinational management experience

I started my career as a graduate in a large multinational french company called Saint-Gobain.  I was quickly promoted to Customer Service Manager managing a team of 10, reporting to the managing director and placed on a fast track management development program.

Entrepreneurial experience

Entrepreneurial at heart, in my late twenties I established my own boutique high end Spa business in London, England. This was a family business that I ran with my sister for seven years.  We expanded from one branch to three with a team of 30 employees. We developed strategic partnerships with Topshop, The Portland Hospital and The Royal Exchange.

International experience

In 2013 I accepted a position as Director of Health Club and Spa for the largest women’s only facility in the Middle East owned by a high net worth Saudi family. I managed a multinational team of 50 employees and grew the business, more than doubling the turnover within two years and making the business highly profitable.

In 2015 the business won a global award – “Best Fitness Spa” at the Luxury Spa Awards. Living and working  in Saudi Arabia was extremely challenging but taught me many valuable lessons and also allowed me to travel all over the world, which I loved!

Business consultancy services in London Ontario