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Do you feel like you need a kick start to get this whole wellness thing going?  I do! Luckily we have London based cold pressed juice company, Pulp and Press to help us do just that.  I interviewed Christian Vemb, owner and founder about his exciting business journey from juicing in his kitchen to a nationally distributed juice brand. Plus there are details of a special promotion on Pulp and Press cleanses to get you living well in 2018.

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Christian Vemb started juicing in his kitchen in 2012 in response to a member of his family falling ill. As a personal trainer for 10 years, he had many nutrition certificates and was able to develop juice recipes to promote wellbeing and good health.

Christian started telling his friends and family about his organic juices and soon he was making 90 juices per day with his counter top juicer and advertising juice cleanses in London and Toronto.

Hydraulic cold press

In the Fall of 2013 Christian partnered with John Parlow and the two set about developing the juice business.  They started to to get interest from cafes and stores in London, Ontario like Fire Roasted, Locomotive Espresso and Covent Garden Market and so they knew they were onto something.

It was at this point that Christian’s white kitchen became unworkable for the amount of beet juice that was spraying around.  And so, at the start of 2014 with an hydraulic cold press the size of a fridge and a dedicated space on Wonderland Road South Business Park, Pulp and Press officially launched.

Locally made in London

The business was growing from strength to strength with shipments leaving every day to wholesale customers in the GTA and South West Ontario.  Plus they were hand delivering to customers in London.  “The local movement in London is huge.  Without it we wouldn’t have been able to get the business off the ground.  People really loved that Pulp and Press was made right here” explains Christian.

Pulp and Press had four employees, were shipping 2500 – 3000 juices per week and were making regular process efficiencies. However, by Summer 2015 they needed help to grow even further.


Christian eventually decided to outsource production to a company in Quebec who had an HPP facility close to them (the only facility in Canada).  HPP stands for High Pressure Processing, which is a type of pasteurisation (using high pressure) for cold pressed juice that extends the shelf life of the product.

Prior to using HPP, Pulp and Press juices had a shelf life of 3-4 days and this has now been extended so that they can meet the demands of their customers throughout Canada.

Local partnerships

I interviewed Christian in Pulp and Press’ new flagship concession in Fire Roasted cafe on the corner of Talbot and King. With a dedicated fridge crammed full of Pulp and Press juice this local partnership ensures their product is available in one of the busiest and most accessible cafe’s in London.

Northern Commerce on Horton and York have always been a partner and manage the business’ digital marketing and e-commerce.  “They are super smart people and I really enjoy working with them.”

Investing time and money

Christian is rightly passionate about his highly successful and developing business.  At times the hours are excessive and all encompassing but when he walks into Loblaws and see’s Pulp and Press on the shelves “I am pretty proud”, he says.

However, he’s not one to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labour (excuse the pun).  The business is still growing and most of the money made is plowed straight back into the company. “Managing investment and cash flow is the most challenging part of running Pulp and Press but I have the right people around me to help do that.  I know I can’t do everything myself.”

The Customer is number one!

Christian cites customer service as the key to success at Pulp and Press.  “I like to treat everyone as important and customer service is my number one priority. As an aside to that I think we have a great tasting product, still using my original recipes, and the juice sticks out on the shelf”.

With the help of Northern, Pulp and Press made some upgrades to the font and artwork on the juice bottles and this has really made the product pop.

How can Pulp and Press help you improve your wellness in 2018?

Pulp and Press have cold pressed juice cleanses available for juice cleanse virgins eager to see what it’s all about, right through to experienced cleansers or those wanting a big lifestyle change.

Cleanses are available to order online at 15% discount with free shipping Ontario wide.  Click here to order your Pulp and Press cleanse.

Pulp and press cleanses available in london and ontario

“In 2018 we’re introducing some new juice flavours and a Hydrator Line. The products in this line will include water and super foods and will be retailed at a slightly lower price point.”

“Plus we will be focussing on developing our new brand, Cantina.  These smoothie soups have everything in them and are made using a special “continuous feed” machine so we can make them smooth and fine and still full of fibre.”

Cantina smoothies

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Christian, Pulp and Press, Cantina and anything else he develops.  I love talking to successful local entrepreneurs who enjoy what they’re doing, have a deep rooted passion for wellness and embrace working locally in London.

Juicing at home

If you want to get into juicing at home I recommend you take a look at this article on about the best juicers on the market.  They have carried out a really comprehensive analysis of top juicers and categorised them into the best juicer for the most juice, the least pulp and best budget juicer.

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