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Coach Carolyn exudes energy and positivity when I sit down to chat with her at the new Z’energy Cafe on King Street.  A Health Coach and Fitness Instructor, she is passionate about motivating women to be healthier and happier. Carolyn is a busy lady!  Read about her business and social enterprise, helping women live well in London, Ontario.

Carolyn’s true passion is health and fitness and she has been a long term advocate for the importance of having a healthy mind and body.  She is also passionate about creating intergenerational connections amongst girls and women and is the founder of BRING IT, a social enterprise that hosts events to get people talking.

Coach Carolyn provides personal training in her at home studio in London Ontario, including boxing

Fitness influences

Carolyn has always had health and fitness in her life.  She grew up living between the UK and Canada and as a youngster was a competitive tennis player for Sussex in England. Her mum used to run a fitness class in a church hall basement and because at the time there was nothing like that, women came in droves.

“Fitness saved my life!”

When Carolyn was 19, she came to live in Canada on her own. She had always suffered from epilepsy and following a clonic tonic seizure realised that “I needed to be healthy!”  So she trained as a fitness trainer and taught at Goodlife Fitness for twenty years.

The day after Carolyn had her son, she nearly died. Unable to fully identify exactly what had caused her to become so poorly, the doctors explained that “the only thing that saved me was my fitness levels”.

Coach carolyn holds plank pose in her basement fitness studio in London OntarioCoach carolyn in side plank in her home fitness studio in London Ontario

This reinforced Carolyn’s belief and focus on healthy living and made her a strong person internally. “Sometimes my ongoing health conditions are quite debilitating but I have learnt to cope with them.  I know that if I want something I have to just get it done.”

These experiences have contributed to Coach Carolyn’s passion for health and fitness and for helping girls and women realise how important they are both inside and out. And of course helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Health Coach

Carolyn is now a Health Coach, incorporating personal training, life coaching and health coaching.  She has an all encompassing approach to health and fitness, providing personal training for women at her home studio and working with ladies individually or in small groups to become healthier through nutrition, fitness and mental health.

I help to create healthy lifestyles for individuals and their families.”

Coach Carolyn throws a punch at her home fitness studio in london ontario Coach Carolyn in triangle yoga pose at her home fitness studio in london ontario

Shine with Carolyn

Carolyn’s home studio is a flexible space and includes cardio and weight machines, weights, dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, tubes, medicine balls, swiss balls, BOSU, TRX so your workout can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Coach Carolyn in her home gym teaching fitness and personal training in London Ontario Coach Carolyn works out in her basement fitness studio in London Ontario

She teaches tabata style interval training, HIIT, circuit training, strength training, core, power, agility and yoga inspired flexibility.  She has one, three or six month options on personal training.  Click here for more details.


BRING IT is a social enterprise that was founded by Carolyn in 2014.  It’s an annual half day event every September for girls aged 11 – 14 and focusses on bringing people together and getting girls and women talking. The event covers topics like body image, friendship, self love and confidence and is “an inspiring feel good day.”

With a tagline of “Be Confident, Be Bold, Be You” the event hosts motivational speakers and workshops. This year, moms, caregivers and mentors will also be invited to bring different generations together.  Carolyn also aims to involve ‘BRING IT Impact Agents’.  “These will be women aged 20 – 30 who have life experience, wisdom, are cool and relatable.”

Coach Carolyn using weights in her workout studio in london ontario

BRING IT, Saturday 29th September, 8.30am – 12.30am.  If you are interested in this event or would like to be a ‘BRING IT Impact Agent’ contact Carolyn via the BRING IT website.

Public Speaking

Carolyn speaks publicly about many topics within the health and mind realm including “resilience and facing fears, body love, self love, confidence and how-to’s, stress management and how to create a supportive group around you.”

In 2017 Carolyn was invited to speak at the ‘Being Bold’ RBC event in Kingston to celebrate International Women’s Day. “I spoke about ‘Finding Your Voice’, believing what you stand for, using your voice to help others, listening to others and finding courage.”

Women in London who inspire Coach Carolyn

“Lore Wainwright, Sienna Jae Taylor and Michelle Baldwin at Innovation Works  are a constant inspiration in terms of what can be done with collaboration and community support. What they have created is nothing short of brilliant.”

“There is a whole troupe of incredible women in London, Ontario who inspire me in some way but I really look up to Chantelle Diachina at Prana Yoga.  She is a beautiful soul.”


Thanks to Julie Whelan Photography for the great photos!

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