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Bo Parsons is the owner of BoFIT, a personal training studio based in central London. BoFIT trainers have been educated in the C.H.E.K. holistic approach and provide one on one specialised coaching, small group training, bootcamps and online training. Read about Bo’s positive and inspiring approach to life and how BoFIT and his clients are living well in London, Ontario.

Bo was an athlete at college and has been a personal trainer in London, Ontario for 15 years.  He opened BoFIT 3 years ago and now has both male and female clients from 8 to 73 years old and from all over London.

Bo is an inspiring personality with an infectious grin.  His positivity literally shines out of him. “I love what I do, I love people and I have a great clientele base. I’ve very fortunate because I don’t have bad days and I don’t get stressed or overwhelmed.”

Personal training studio in London Ontario BoFIT

Bo was born in West Virginia but moved to London at an early age when his parents split up.  At this point Bo was forced to become the man of the house and is thankful for this experience. “It made me aware of who I am and I learnt to be responsible and to fix problems. This has really helped me with my personal training and as an entrepreneur.”

The C.H.E.K. Approach

BoFIT’s focus is on posture and improving function. The C.H.E.K system promotes an holistic approach that begins with an assessment of clients physical, mental and emotional state and then to a bespoke corrective exercise programme.

The C.H.E.K. approach is particularly valuable for clients looking to overcome physical conditions via corrective exercise, including back pain, weight gain or loss, joint pain, osteoporosis, stress and inflammation.

Good values and hard work

Bo puts the key to his success down to having good values, a positive morale and sheer hard work. “I believe in what I’m doing and I put everything into it.  I think people want to be a part of what I represent.”

BoFit Fitness Studio Bo Personal Trainer weight training with a personal trainer at bofit in london ontario

Switching off

Bo loves his job and setting his own schedule.  However, he finds it hard to switch off and has to work hard at finding balance in his life.  He knows that sometimes he’s working so hard he isolates himself.

“Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have a wife, friends and family.  When this happens I make sure that I make it a priority to get a good workout in for myself.  This really helps me find balance and focus on what’s important.”

Loving London, Ontario

Bo loves London, Ontario and has used his connections and relationships in the city to build his business. He has several friends around London who have their own businesses and they inspire him every day to grow and develop BoFIT.

Alec Pinchin at Fitness Forum has been a key inspiration to Bo.  “He gave me a chance when I was just getting certified years ago.  He treats everyone as an equal rather than an employee.  It was inspiring to work in that kind of environment.”

Be yourself

Bo has a strong social media presence and I asked him for his top social media tip. “Be yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not.  I am who I am and I don’t try to impress anyone else.  I think people appreciate authenticity.

How can BoFIT help you improve your wellness in 2018?

Bo and his team of personal trainers, Gage and Nolan, have a special offer at the moment.  The BoFIT Starter Package is 10 sessions for $599.  These are one hour sessions, one to one with a personal trainer who will also carry out an assessment and provide a complete nutrition plan.  Contact BoFIT for further details.

There are many other personal training packages at BoFIT including Kick Start, New You and Total Transformation.  Click through here for more information.

Personal trainers at BoFIT PT Studio in London Ontario

Thanks to Julie Whelan for all the great photos of BoFIT!

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