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Andfit is a women only fitness training studio located in central London, Ontario owned by Andrea Merucci. Andrea’s focus is not just on getting women moving.  It’s also about helping members feel mentally strong and building a community around her studio. Andfit is a unique environment offering a personalised fitness experience and making living well in London a whole lot easier!


Andrea Merucci, owner of Andfit has successfully built a community of women around her training studio. Andfit has classes for weight loss, strength, core, pelvic floor health and all in a safe and supportive environment where anyone can come.

Andfit specialise in pre and post natal classes and bootcamps and some are open for mom’s to bring their babies along too.  Classes aren’t strict.  They are designed to encourage a relaxed atmosphere with participants chatting, feeling comfortable and supporting each other.

Andfit fitness classes include TRX, spin, toning, core, yoga in London ontario Andfit fitness class in central London, Ontario run by entrepreneur Andrea Merucci

Mental health counselling background

Andrea has a background in mental health counselling and this ‘helping profession’, combined with motherhood has provided her with the skills and tools to create a positive and supportive environment for her members and to help women feel good about themselves.

Andrea Merucci owner of Andfit fitness studio in London, Ontario

She has many conversations with women about the stresses of being a mum, wife, friend, employee, and why at times women have such a hard time. She is able to understand what they are going through and help them achieve their objectives and overall wellness goals.

Andrea learnt, through her own experience, that she had to take care of herself first, “Even before my kids and business! I realised that I can only control certain aspects of life and I have learnt to let go to some extent.  I still have goals and strive to achieve them but not to the point of causing anxiety.”

Creativity and community

Andrea loves running her own business and the freedom to be able to set classes, be creative and introduce new programs.  “I love getting feedback and using it to make changes and improvements.” Andfit is a real community and Andrea makes a massive effort to get to know everyone. “I take personal accountability for each member to reach their health goals and I find it really rewarding.”

Indoor cycling spin class at Andfit wellness studio in London ontario Training class at Andfit studio in London, Ontario

Personalised fitness experience

Andrea believes that she started her business at the perfect time. “People are gravitating towards boutique fitness studios where they can get a more personalised, modified fitness experience.  Andfit is not a competitive or judgemental environment. We’re here to help women achieve their goals and help them connect.”

Post natal mom and baby fitness class at Andfit in London OntarioBootcamp fitness class at womens only Andfit studio in London ontario


The challenge in running her business with such intensity and commitment is that Andrea has so many things she wants to do but is only one person so she recently recruited an admin assistant and a yoga teacher to take some of the pressure off herself.  “I realised I need to delegate so that I can grow the business and not spread myself too thinly.”


Andrea believes in viewing her life balance in seasons rather than on a day to day basis. “There are times in my life, like in January, when I focus on my business and hustle a bit more.  My home life might fall to the side and the chores might not get done during this time but that’s ok!  Then there are seasons when I’m focussing more on family outings, like during the summer school holidays, when business is slower.”

Andrea and her husband (who runs Premier Life Marketing Company), split the childcare during the week so that they both have time to dedicate to their respective businesses. They schedule time to spend together on a Sunday morning when Andrea’s parents look after their children and once a month try to go on a date together.

How can Andfit help you improve your wellness?

Andfit has a number of different membership and class pass options to choose from.  You can claim a FREE class pass on their website (conditions apply) and at the moment they are offering a monthly unlimited class pass (for new members only) at $50+HST. Click here for details. Classes include TRX / Spin circuit, lunch kettle bell strength class, prenatal fitness and yoga, bootcamp, and Sunday sweat session.

In the warmer weather Andfit run ‘Stroller Bootcamps’ for new moms looking to get back in shape, get outside with their babies and meet likeminded women. These classes fill up fast so make sure you get booked in before space run out.

Andfit offer nutritional monthly challenges with daily emails, portion control guidelines, meditation, inspiration and motivation to stay on track. Visit the Andfit website for their latest challenge.

Inspiring female entrepreneurs in London

Sabrina from The OVer Company is a total inspiration.  She is such a go getter, a planner and so creative. She had her idea and then basically learnt everything from the ground up and now has an amazing local but international business.  I really look up to her.”

Ange Peters is the founder of HOL:FIT, a holistic health coach and leading supplier of doTERRA essential oils in Canada.  She has built her online business from a small wellness community to a multilevel marketing company.  She has created an empire in 3-4 years and she has done it with integrity plus she’s an amazing person and really cares about people health and wellness. We recently started stock doTERRA essential oils at Andfit.”

A big thank you to Julie Whelan Photography for the beautiful photos, Andrea Merucci and all the gorgeous ladies who agreed to be photographed.

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