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Julie Whelan is an outdoor adventure and active lifestyle photographer in London, Ontario.  She photographs athletes, active families, adventure seekers and fitness instructors on location in their environment, anywhere from their fitness studio or gym to a local park, hiking trail or lake.

Combining passions into one career

As a youngster Julie had two main passions.  She loved playing sports (hockey, volleyball and soccer) and taking photos (she started taking photos at the age of 8).   At 15 she took a course and knew that photography was the career for her.

Julie graduated in Creative Photography from Humber College and then started her full time career working in many different fields of photography to get maximum exposure and experience.

Julie Whelan Photography in her photo editing office in london ontario

These ranged from portrait studios, on a cruise ship travelling the world, photographing homes for real estate agents and producing marketing tours for hotel resorts before finally setting up her own business in London, Ontario – Julie Whelan Photography.

After 15 years professional experience, Julie now focusses on active lifestyle photography combining her two passions into one career.

Advocate for an active lifestyle

Julie is a published photographer, an advocate for active lifestyle in London, Ontario and a public speaker.  In October 2017 she was asked to speak at the Forest City Photographers’ Guild where she presented her background, experience and how she captures the perfect photo.

Julie Whelan photographs a cyclist on a bridge over the Thames River in London Ontario

Julie loves the freedom of running her own photography business.  She is proactive and passionate about every project and enjoys the process of meeting and photographing active people in London.

“I love planning photo shoots, thinking about how I’m going to create images, setting up the lighting, developing a relationships and even travelling to the location.

The most rewarding part of my job is the shoot itself. When all the elements come together to create beautiful images I get a high.”

Entrepreneurial challenges

However, she finds maintaining the balance between home and work life a challenge. Like many entrepreneurs today, her office is also her living room. The upside of this, she explains, is that you can work in your PJ’s but the downside is there is no separation.

“When I am feeling stressed or bogged down with work I’ll exercise, go for a walk or meet up with a friend. It centres me and resets my priorities.”

How can Julie Whelan help you?

If you have a fitness or sports related business and need to promote your latest services with professional photos taken by a highly experienced photographer, contact Julie.

Maybe you’re a sports mad active family looking for a non-traditional family portrait – Julie is the photographer for you!

You have an active lifestyle interest story looking to generate some publicity – Julie can help. As well as her full time job as a sports photographer in London, she also writes a great blog!

Julie Whelan Photography takes photos of fitness instructors and personal trainers in London Ontario

The future for Julie Whelan Photography

Julie has an exciting project planned for launch in 2018. Her goal is to encourage people to be active in any way that suits their lifestyle and interests. Her tool will help people find ways of doing just that in the region.  Follow Julie Whelan on Instagram @JulieWhelanPhotography for updates!

Julie Whelan Photography takes photos at a curling tournament


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